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Yesterday we had a group activity in clas. Stupid me thought i was right about something and the guy everyone really likes and is friends with everyone tried very nicely to tell me i was wrong which i absolutly was. but at the time i was adamant i was right so defended myself. I embarrassed myself in front of him and im scared he wont even say hi to me when we pass in the hallway on the way to class. No one does and just ignores me but he always makes the effort and deep down it really meant a lot to me because i was thinking wow, the popular guy is talking to me, i hope others are seeing this because maybe theyll talk to me too.. but now im really scared he wont. I think il just make it easy on him and try to hide away as much as i can and be silent all the time. I just hate this.

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  • If ever he talks to you, be honest, just randmoly blurt it out that you were ashamed that day when you realized what you've said. Who knows you'll be good friends or somethingz

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