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I've seen my boyfriend for a total of two hours today. He left while I was sleeping at 9am and didn't return home until 8pm. He was tired and took a nap so I decided to wait for him to wake up so we can have dinner together. Then he wakes up at 10 and tells me he's leaving and will be back before 2 am. So I decide to wait until 2 to eat dinner because I really like when we have our meals together. 6 am and he's still not home, I've texted him twice to make sure he's okay because I haven't heard anything from him and he finally text back at 7 saying he's okay. then I don't hear from him again, it's almost 9 am and he's still not home. I'm just so lonely and sad, he couldn't even send me a text saying he wouldn't be home.

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  • any updates ? what happened? i wanna learn from this experience

  • Leave him. He's cheating on you for sure. He's a coward not to tell you. He's not giving you any of his time or attention. He also doesn't respect himself or you enough to end it with you first before he gets with another person. Break ties with him, You will find a better guy. xoxo

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