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My state. Texas. Majority votes went to Hillary and Trump. I can now call the majority of my state morons. One is only influential because of his money, the other is only because of her husband. Good job, guys. I'll see you all in hell.

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  • Hillary would be far worse than anyone else in this election. she can't make up her damn mind on where she stands until money is thrown her way. she should be shot so America no longer has to deal with her. her husband was a fantastic president, that doesn't mean she will be. I'm leaving the country for sure if she gets in. peace out fuckers! I never thought that way for Obama's reign of terror, so that's really something. I could care less if the world hates Trump. when was the last time America pissed off the world???? just about all the damn time. his views are aimed towards ILLEGAL immigration. don't twist words. but either way I don't support anyone in this election. I just want all you fuckers to leave my people's land. if my people were the majority, y'all would be swimming back where you came from.

  • As someone from the rest of the world, I'm always relieved when I see people like you posting these things. It's great to know that there are intelligent humans who actually think a few years ahead in the USA. It's sad that your political system sucks this much, though. And it's sad that Trump and Clinton get so many votes even though they'd both make terrible presidents. But hey: If one of them wins, I'd gladly welcome you to Germany. Even though you're seemingly surrounded by idiots right now, people like you give all of us hope. All the best to you, and may Donald Trump get run over by a van driven by a Mexican and Hillary Clinton ... whatever, maybe not die but stop trying to become president.

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