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You used to cuddle me and hold my hands, interlocking out fingers tightly. You asked me to go out with you but you were sick on that day. We had a school break and after you held my hand and flirted last week on monday again, I thought we were fine. You've been distant for days now. today, for the first time, you told me that I was intruding your personal space and that you "disliked body contact". Which comes from the guy that had to resist kissing me a week before. What do I do? He's a moody and a bit strange guy, I know that... Dear guys: why would he do that?

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  • It's socialize I think so you were pretty🙂

  • Maybe he really has a problem with human contact. I do, too. And it's pretty annoying. Sometimes I just want to cuddle, but when I do it, I instantly feel uncomfortable. On some days it's better, on some days it's worse. It's pretty embarrassing to admit that face to face to someone you know, though. I also have a bit of trouble socialising (hope that's spelled right, not a native speaker) since I'm an introvert, but the problem is mostly that I dislike physical contact while I still want to be close to people. Don't ask me. Doesn't make sense to me, either. I must have been dropped on my head a lot as a baby. I'm single for quite a long while because of this. I think if I could talk to people as freely about it in the real world as I can now, maybe it would change things, but my behaviour makes people feel exactly like you do now, and that's sh*t, as you know very well. I hope you two work out, and if you don't: Good Luck anyways. I hope you'll find someone to be happy with.

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