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this is the worst confession I think I will have in my entire life. I was talking with my bother in law on skype and I decide to take a shower so I close my cam and put on mute my microphone , when I go back to my bedroom I sit down on my bed, with only my towel in and started to read some things on internet feeling the freedom of being naked and all wet with my fan in front of me, my country is tropical so the wheather was hot, but while im on camera i cant stay like that so I prefer to make him wait thinking I was still on the shower and enjoy my moment, his camera was still on and a thougth come up: awww he is so cute! maybe he have never see a girl naked before lol. my bother in law is virgen and a religious person, so yeah he is innocent and cute, which is sweet cos he is 18 yo already.... them I remembered one day that he said his hips were a bit fat which of course I didnt agree cos hes super thin so he showed me his hips and for some reason he pushed his underwear and pants a little bit down (I thougth it was unnecesary actually cos I was watching his hips rigth?) some days before that sucess we were talking about the oblique muscle and I said that its the sexiest thing in the world and I absolutely love it! well I must say that he have a god shaped pair of those it was impossible not to see them he was pushing his clothes! Im not sure if his intention was to tease me or not but it was sexy ! so while I was naked remenbering that moment I felt so wet... I bite my lips and see him on camera and say to myself : calm down girl just breathe ! and it was a feeling of excitement so intense that I my body started to tremble, I didnt want to feel like that so I tried to focus on what I was reading U.U I know it was perverted but I really tried to control it, but them I imagine how delicious would be to masturbate in that moment he wouldnt know it rigth? but I couldnt.... and I still feeling really wet when I think about it. The only reason that makes me think he wasnt teasing me is because he is a very cute guy , extremely moral and he believes in god in a deep way , he wouldnt try to tease me rigth? nah it was me, im the perverted one X.X it feels so BAD

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  • If he's your brother in law, doesn't that mean he's your sister's husband? So why is he still a virgin

  • maybe get your mind off it. meet someone on the internet...if you want to, kik me at lonewandere

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