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I've been liking this guy for a while and we've been flirting back and forth for a good few weeks. We go to high school together (I'm a junior and he's a freshman) and so I've been riding his bus to the middle school to spend more time with him. About a month ago I told him I was bisexual and he doesn't believe that homosexuality is real. He told me that he hates that hot girls are lesbians. So there's this other girl that rides his bus to the middle school and he said she's a lesbian. I've seen him talk to her but I've never been worried about him liking her till now. He started going and sitting with her and basically flirting with her but I shouldn't worry cause she's a lesbian right? She definitely seems to enjoy it and even flirts back. I end up sitting alone and just looking at my phone and his friends tell him that he shouldn't be leaving his girl (aka me) alone and should at least give me a hug. He just replies with "she's my friend". Does he like the lesbian and not me? I don't understand because he still flirts with me in class. :/

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  • I've decided that he probably doesn't like me but I'm ok with that cause he's a bit shorter than me anyways 😂

  • Maybe he's just a flirty guy :/

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