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I'm scared I'm going to get cancer or something because of all the stuff I use on my face. I use proactive, which hazel, the proactive lotion, another moisturizer, a cream petroleum jelly, and Vaseline. Then I put on foundation and concealer. And I wash my hands super well between each step. Now my hands are super dry. I know it's a lot but I haven't gotten a pimple in months. I only wear foundation and concealer because I still have acne scars. I just ordered a gel that's supposed to make them fade away real quick. And also, whenever get out of the shower, my skin is so incredibly dry that I can barely open my mouth. I don't know what to do :( it's scary how much stuff I use on my face

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  • Ditch the makeup, petroleum products, and Proactive.

  • Bad itchy skin yes, cancer no

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