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I can't tell if my relationship is becoming abusive or not. I feel guilty a lot and I use to think I was abusive because I would make little mistakes,and he'd be really hurt. but now it's every little thing I do,he's got tears in his eyes. I can't do anything without upsetting him. if I decide to get up and not sit by him,he's so hurt. if I say to stop doing something that I'm just not in the mood for,he's putting his face down in his hands and refuses to speak to me... but then he goes and does all these sweet things for me,he's spent so much money on me and I never even asked for anything.. and I appreciate everything he's done but it's so hard when I'm treated like everything I do is an attack to him.. I can't be myself. I can't breathe without hurting him. is this emotional abuse?

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  • it's emotional abuse but it's not you that is the abuser, you are the abused. It doesn't matter if he means it or not.

  • Sounds like he might be the one abusing you. You're not doing anything wrong. If he gets that upset over not getting what he wants, then he is behaving like a child throwing a tantrum. You really should try to talk to him about that behavior or leave him, in my honest opinion.

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