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I cant stand my little sister anymore. She is disabled, okay, but it is not an excuse for bullying me. I cant take it anymore. Im not sure of who to injure. Me or her. Its been too long. Ive never had anything, ive never done anything. I want a life.

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  • I just made an account here to make it easier to reply. I'm the 22 year old who left home when I was 18 ;) . How old is your sister and what is her disability? My sister is 20 but she has the mental age of a 10 year old and she sits in a wheelchair. Do your parents know how you feel? To reply to your question about hurting your sister: DON'T hurt your sister! That will make things just more difficult and you are probebly the one who gets blamed because 'you should be the responsible one' because you're not disabled. At least that is what I heard when I was younger. People forget so easily that you are still a teenager..

  • Mentally disabled or physically disabled? If physically disabled, punch her and punch her good. Let her know that her disability is no reason to pick on someone. You could also try it by just getting angry, no punching or anything but that'll probably take way too long judging by how you're feeling about it already.

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