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I really love my girlfriend. We started so well together and we are now in the "chill" zone. We do talk, but it's not as much as we do last time. Mind you, I'm still putting in the efforts I've been putting ever since day one. Never have I started treated her below what I've always been doing. The thing is, I don't get why people tend to get so comfortable when they're already attached to someone. In the beginning, my girlfriend placed lots and lots of effort into everything she does - but not as much these days. I guess she feels that so long as we are together, she doesn't have to make an effort anymore.Because she "owns" me. I don't mind being treated this way, probably that's how she thinks but somehow I feel it's basic courtesy to show someone how much they mean to you through actions. Words are just words. We do talk, but it's not the same as before. I may b paranoid but I think I'm going to blame it on one of her friends. Basically she has one close guy friends who's been crushing on her for ages. I mean, comparing the both of us together.... I'm certain she'll be more open to him. I just don't want to believe that she texts him when mine aren't answred. One of my friends mentioned about a similar situation which he read in an article whereby the girl is actually cheating on the guy. I don't want this to be true or somewhat similar but I can't help but have that thought somehow - sometimes, when I'm overthinking. There was a moment, her friend actually cautioned her that I may b a fuckboy/ player but I don't really think I am - I'm really faithful - and she says she's loyal. I just hope that everything goes to normal. Any advice?

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  • Talk to her about how you feel, that you think she doesn't she her love for you as much anymore

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