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So need some advice. PLEASE COMMENT YOUR OPINION. this guy who's a marine stationed half way across the country and I have been friends for a couple of years. we have dated other people on and off neither finding the right person and somehow we always end up back talking about maybe starting something but I never pursued anything because of the distance. well we both got out of relationships around nov/Dec have had our time to heal and caught up in each other's lives. he's actually deployed at the moment so we can talk so much with the time change. so far we have made it work very well. we have never met in person (only vid chat and text) but in may or June he will be back in post deployment leave which Is when we were going to meet and see where it goes. here's where I need your opinion. would it be better to wait for a year when he's back here for good or should I see where it goes in may?

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  • should I wait til may or should I just make things official asap? what if he's different in person?

  • Life is too short! Definitely see where things go this year!

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