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Being straightforward is a crime.... Because you don't know when you hurt a person's feeling..... So in conclusion when you ar a straightforward person, your social skill sucks... Well don't worry if you feel you ar a straightforward person and ur social skill sucks coz I'll be there sucking in social skill just like you..... Ps: lesson learn don't talk to people. If people talk to u smile and smile only.... Tat would not offend anyone right???

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  • To be honest, you're beying rather hypocritical by putting this out there. This isn't even straightforward anymore, it is just plain rude. Being straightforward isn't a crime, there is no law against it. It also isn't inherently wrong, because being straightforward doesn't necessarily mean you're sayig something negative, and even if you do, it doesn't mean you're saying it in an unsympathetic way.

  • Being straightforward and brutal honesty are two different things.

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