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I feel like I'm dying. For some reason I feel like I have a brain tumor. For quite a while now, my vision blurs out for a few seconds and sometimes I get really dizzy. I have fainted before and I used to have constant nose bleeds almost every other day. And also my head kills me so much its became regular to have headaches. When I'm in class I'm looking and paying attention and my vision is just blurry for a few minutes and my head starts hurting all over again. And at times I feel so weak it's so hard for me to walk or stand up. And I know there's probably something wrong with my head. I feel it. About 4 years ago, I had a really bad fall in the bathroom of my house where I hit my head really hard in the edge of the bathtub and I lost consciousness for a good 5 minutes and after that, I had headaches for about 4-5 days. And for some reason I feel like that fall is linked to the constant headaches I have been having for quite a while. And I'm scared to go to the doctors and end up diagnosed with something bad. By the way, the symptoms I described are symptoms similar to brain tumor.

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  • dude please go get help. I'm hoping that it is not that serious. maybe it's time you need to wear glasses. whatever it is please go to the doctor.

  • If you had such severe headaches, you definitely had a bad concussion after the fall. If you did not go to a doctor and rest then, it might explain some problems. Go to a doctor as soon as you can now,because whatever you have is serious, but the sooner you get to it the bigger your chance of survival.

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