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I am irritated with this man in a public train, he keeps on falling asleep in my shoulder, I just wonder what if it happened to a woman in his religion? Will it be okay? Because I am pretty sure you can't look or touch their women. I made sounds of annoyment, which I think was effective, he woke up and said sorry because he was tired from work, then does it again. We are all tired from something but you should learn to compose yourself or you'll end up mugged or something.

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  • No need for discrerion tell him stop, i am a muslim woman in canada sometimes men sleep on me shoukder by accident in the metro it hapoenend 2 3 times but i mean if you dont say shit no matter what religion they aint doing shit , some people are annoying no matter what origins the one who spread their legs like its their home....it is pubpic transport with public morons, dont be afraid to speak up

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