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My boyfriend cheated on me with a FAT BITCH. This ho is prolly 350 lbs plus. It's fucking disgusting. He claims it meant nothing and it was only a random hook up while I was gone. I don't condone cheating but of you are going to do it at least fucking upgrade WTF. I have done ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for this man and this is how he treats me. I've put up with his bullshit and immaturity for sooo fucking long and he goes off and does this while I was gone for 3 DAYS. No words, no exclamation marks and no amount of cap locks can describe how fucking pissed off I am right now. Not to mention i find out about this shit on TWITTER!!!! Fucking twitter of all places??? Really??? I don't even blame the bitch. If i was a fat fuck like her id sleep with any living organism as well. I'm so heated right now this is the only place I can express my anger properly. If anything he should be sooo THANKFUL this app exists because if i wasnt on here venting id be chopping his nuts off and feeding it to that sperm whale in a smoothie

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  • I don't condone cheating, but if this is the way you talk about other people when you are around him, he upgraded. You could look like Kate Upton, but your personality will still make you the ugliest person in the room.

  • Fat doesnt mean ugly. Maybe he noticed how ugly you are as a person...you know with you thinking that because she is fat she is somehow a downgrade. And this is coming from a slim girl. People like you really need a reality check...Oh shit you just had one. Ya got cheated on. Now this "sperm whale" has you fstow. Good for you I hope soon to be ex boyfriend not bc he cheated with bigger woman but he cheated.

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