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Aw, I have to share a little cute story with you guys... So I had stayed the night over with a flirt of mine (he's a guy, I'm a girl). We were laying in bed half sleeping half awake, when some kind of really loud machine started outside the house. My flirt hugged me and covered my ears with his hands so it wouldn't be that loud for me. I know it's not much, but for all the guys out there, and I'm sure most girls will agree, those little things means the world to us. That tiny action has kept me smiling all day ❤️

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  • I don't get how this is cute, I find it overprotective...Trust me, I'm all about chivalry.. Pay the bill, hold the door cary the bags, give and take her coat, getting her chair, buying flowers every week. but I just don't find said event cute

  • Would've been cuter if you'd have fucked afterwards

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