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The college search is really frustrating me. on a 4.0 scale I have a 3.7 GPA and a 1720 SAT out of 2400. Colleges either have averages of like a 2000 SAT and 4.0 GPA (good colleges i like but obviously can't get into) or a 2.9 to 3.2 GPA and a 1570 SAT (crap colleges I could easily get into but don't want to attend). There's no colleges for just...decent students. I am a student council officer, in beta and key club, junior cabinet member, junior marshall, i did two years of marching band, by senior year I'll have 5 AP classes and a year long intership, and as earlier stated my grades and SAT are not bad but not perfect. why can't a school for a student like myself show up? I can barely even find one out of state better yet here where I want to stay and qualify for a full ride scholarship. I'm so sad. :(

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  • i got a 4.1GPA and.... a 21 ACT so colleges think im a retard. so i only get it half paid off for a more prestigious university. I know im going graduate top my class in college but id still like to have more money.

  • Try getting it up to 2000 SAT. It's not that hard. You will realize once you said to get SAT 2000 is so hard is nothing when you are in college . Your college rank does matter . so, try to go to a good college and of course , get a good scholarship. Hope all the best to you !!!

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