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No offense ladies but I feel as if you guys try to take the manly role in a relationship. I don't like that shit at all but that's my opinion. Some guys actually like when a lady tells them what to do. It just seems like you lady's have to much control and the balance is not equal. I actually feel bad for dudes that get in trouble by a women like there a child.I feel like guys lost there balls and just said fuck it. Or like a good friend of mine said, you just become a man and put your pride to the side. Guess my pride is to much to let things go. No offense ladies and gentlemen.

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  • Sorry dude, but sometimes we're in-charge of earning a living that's why somehow dude wants to subject there ego to us.

  • you are totally right man! those ladies need some xanax. a couple is supposed to be equal.

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