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Today after 3 years of marriage I found out why sex was always an issue for us. My husband is asexual. I'm trying to not make a big deal about it, but in reality I'm heart broken and don't know what to do.

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  • That sucks, OP. You can make a big deal out of this, because it is a fucking big deal. You are not the bad guy here. He lied to you, or at least must have known about this when he married you and didn't want to tell. You get to decide what to do now. Either kick him out (which you have every right to), go sexless for the rest of your life, or tell him you'll be sleeping with other men and work something out that way.

  • Your husband can get pregnant and have children all by himself? Then he's not asexual. He's fucked-up in the head. I suggest getting a divorce any marrying somebody who actually wants to fuck you.

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