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I don't know what to do with this, can someone please help me? I met a guy 4 months ago, and we fell in love. We had a relationship for 3 months. He ended it a few days ago saying he lost his feeling for me and want to concentrate on his studies. I will explain how our relationship worked: He always spoke about him exgirlfriends who are really pretty (I've seen some) and teasing me about it. He always made jokes about having another girlfriend. The problem is, he lives in France, I live in Belgium, so if he wanted to cheat, he could. He also has lot of problems from his past. He has two dads. his real dad had a love affair with his mom which ended in two kids. His mom was married to another man who thought they were his. One day she told the truth so he kind off lost that dad. His real dad never cared for him. He says his real dad is an asshole who uses his mom for sex, cause he's still married to his wife. He has been to a psychologist for that as a kid. We had a lot of troubles in our relationship because sometimes he's the happiest person in the world, saying we will have a 'big life' with a lot of money, but the day after he can cry saying his life sucks because of his past. He came crying to my house in the middle of the night once.... all from France... Now he dumped me, but he still wants to be friends and he asks me everyday if I kissed other boys... Idk what to do with him? Sometimes i think he's just an asshole playing with my feelings, other times I think he should see a therapist... I don't know if I need to try and help him, or let him fall? He said I'm a part of him and he never wants too loose me... I really love him but it's killing me :(

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  • Hi, I posted this e fex days ago... I had a good conversation with him, and it turns out that he's bipolar... For me this explained a lot... There's only a little chance you will read this, but I want to say thank you for your reactions cause it helped me a lot.

  • You need to help him, but you can t, exgirlfriends never can help in situations like this... he needs to see a therapist! You can not solve his problems alone because at some point he will hurt you, or you will hurt him... Advise him to go to a therapist, it will help

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