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My college is terribly stressing me out, I have a lot of tests all the time every single week and several assignments and projects.. now I am 4 days away from my midterms and terrified as hell.. I am too stressed that I cannot even sleep which makes me tired all the time and so I don't really study much, which starts the cycle all over again. I need to get a better GPA this second semester or else my GPA won't really budge much and It will remain average which will disappoint my parents greatly, my father paid so much and worked so hard just to make this happen that I am terrified of letting them down.. Sometimes I feel so tired of this sh-t that I become so close to letting it all go and screwing up my future.. is anything really worth this emotional pain?

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  • It is - I know where you're coming from. All you can do, is do your best - and by that, I mean studying to a point where you keep your health. Study as long as you want, but make sure to have your fun, sleep enough and just do other things that make you happy. Yes, your dad paid a lot for college, but there is a limit to how much you can work. Don't be stressed out - it only makes it worse. I wish you good luck on your exams!

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