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this isn't a confession but it's something I need advice on. I was dating a guy for 4 weeks, a month. I truly really cared about him, ive done so much for him and now I'm old news, I was the shiny new toy and now I'm not so shiny anymore. I was the rebound. He broke me...to fix him self....and now I just...I never let anyone in, I never get my hopes up, and he...he convinced me he was different that he isn't like other guys and you know what he did....he gave me the "it's not you its me" the "i need to work on my self right" when really it's because he feels healed and wants another chance with he Ex, I dont even get a thank you, he couldn't handle the fact that I'm so close with my best friend and I refused to change the way I act with my best friend just because he has a penis.

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  • I just need help on how I should deal with the after math. it's hasn't even been a week and he's already back with his ex and I feel so used

  • what exactly do you need advice on now? what's your question? the situation sucks, I feel you. But if he was just playing you you should try to forget him and wait for someone who is worth your while

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