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at times, I severely detest my wife. she was working and going to school before we got married, but after he was pregnant with my son, she basically stopped doing anything. after he was born, she still did nothing but sit around all day. I tried to be supportive to her complaints and such, but resentment built. we moved halfway across the country upon my departure from the Army. I have a job currently, but I really want to go back to college to pursue a degree. however being the sole bread winner for my soon to be family of 4, it would be selfish of me to even think about it. so now, I'm stuck at this job where my pay is barely enough to live on and that I honestly dislike. to cope, I talk to other women. I don't tell them I'm married or even have children. I meet them in apps and flirt with them. even sexual encounters via text happen from time to time. I'm a horrible human being, I know.

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  • What if she suffered from postpartum depression?

  • Leave her if your unhappy enough to talk to other woman, especially sexually... Not a good ex sample for your kids

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