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I was 16 when my 19 year old boyfriend forcefully had sex with me and got me pregnant. I lost the baby after 4 months. I've never told anyone about it even though I think about it every day. I am 20 years old now and I've been dating my current boyfriend for 2 years. I trust him with my life but I am too scared to tell him. No matter what angle I come from when I think about this, losing the baby was always my fault. It makes me feel like a baby killer.

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  • I truly hope that you will understand one day that this was never anything you should feel responsible for. If you believe you can trust your current boyfriend, why don't share your pain? He will surely appreciate it, and who knows? It might even help you process your loss.

  • One day, if you want to, you'll be given the opportunity to have another baby to take care of. They will fill the void and pain of losing your baby a little and make it a little more easy for you. It's not your fault you lost your baby, but I can sympathize with your pain. When you're ready, you should tell your boyfriend. If he's the right guy and worthy of you, he'll understand and love you the same.

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