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I love when I'm playing a video game online that I don't take very serious but I run into people who take it way too serious like just now I'm playing smite and I don't really care but this guy on my team can't handle how little I care about winning or losing but he kept freaking out. Then after I get sick of listening to him scream at me I quit and he messages me that I'm a loser with no life and I should get better. I replied with "yes of course my life means nothing if I can't perfect this toy you seem to be quite fond of maybe I should quit my job and play this full time like you" all I got back was a fuck you lol

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  • I am a hardcore gamer. But when it comes to helping people I do my best. But if we are on the same level in a team game and you suck harder than me, (and i am below average in cs dota and so on) I will fucking bash you, verbally

  • some game players take the game to seriously, they forget, a game should be fun, make you happy, not stressful. You do a good job.

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