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My own parents trash talk about me all the time

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  • yeah same here. My mom told me that she wishes i was never born but tbh idc cause i wish she was never born either so we're even

  • This is shameful. I didn't realize it till I got married and saw a NORMAL family. My in laws would not cease to tell EVERYONE who would listen how smart or handsome or upright their new son in law is. My mother meanwhile will LIE about me for pity. I'm a father now and I would NEVER do that to my kid. Not only does it reflect on me, but I don't WANT to hurt my own children. What your parents are doing is NOT RIGHT! I AM a parent I can tell you this straight up. If you are not desperately asking for help about something (drugs, adultery, etc.) you do NOT reveal ANYTHING shameful about family.

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