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My dog just died and I'm falling apart in the inside. I don't want to tell anyone in person because they tell me I'll get over it. I know I will but it's going to take me a long time. He was the one reason I woke up everyday and now he's gone. It feels like my life is over

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  • I know how you feel. My grandmother passed away last weekend and I feel like I've just been going nonstop and haven't had any time to grieve... People tell me I'll be fine but I don't feel fine. I won't be fine for a long time. I'm still not over my grandma dying 3 years ago and now I lost my other one.

  • ive lost countless people and ive lost two cats and a dog so i can relate to this but ive just learned to cry it out and then once i feel like ive pretty much let it all out i can just put my shit back together and let go. I remember i used to sleep a lot in order to relieve the grief but i learned the hard way that it doesnt always work. Just wing it. You will get over it eventually but you will still feel as though youve lost a great deal. You just have to try and build it up again.

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