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I moved and got a new friend. Shortly after I got a boyfriend, too. I was often together with both, and when it started to cool off between me and my bf, we stopped talking and I didn't really care. So the day we officially broke up (through SMS: I don't really have anything to say anyway, let's just not meet today. - ok.), my friend and my ex became a couple. It was also the day of my aunt's funeral. The following week I had to stay home because I had managed to hyperventilate in school (not related to break-up, it happens at my age, and I was clearly stressed out after years of my parent's fights and divorce, moving alone to another country at 17 and managing life on my own). Then some days later, my friend sent me a message on fb. "I have to tell you something." That moment I somehow seemed to realize everything; I checked her fb-profile for any updated relationship, but nothing. Then she wrote "XX and I are together now, I am so sorry..."I think I knew it before that. They really match, and very similar and all that. But damn, I felt so BETRAYED by both of them. Now, 2 years later, we are still friends. She is still together with my ex and they are really lovey-dovey. I'm happy for them and I know they are good people. But even though I know she counts me to her best friends, I can't feel the same. But I can't push her out of my life. I hate them both.

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  • I honestly don't know what else to say than that I almost cried reading this and that I really, really feel sorry for you. I hope that you will get over this (I totally understand why you felt betrayed) and find someone who truly loves you and give you a happy life which you deserve.

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