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I met a girl and we became friends with benefits. After we had sex she fell in love with me which was not her intention.. I like her but I don't want a relationship and I feel like an asshole for this.. She already cried a few times because of this.. I don't want to hurt her but I also don't want to lose her.. I don't know what to do.

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  • well be sure of what you feel cuz feelings are tricky..it all comes down to what YOU feel is best your you...you alone not your fuckbuddy or what your fuckbuddy wants from you..cuz you have to live with yourself...and feelings do go away, nothing is permanent. oh yeah and believe me when i tell you this there is no girl who when saying she wants you as a fuckbuddy hasn't thought about actually dating you . we never want to date at first, we just want not to be judged but still have fun...but unless she entered this relationship willingly to trick you into dating her...believe me she wanted you from the start(to date) she just didn't realize it. believe me don't believe me but fuckbuddies are only good for short periods of time and then you move on

  • I was in the same group as you. Be patient keep in contact but avoid getting physically close with her. Shell feel sad for a while but eventually firgive, and if your like my case still want the benefits. Also encourage and point out the guys that take interest in her

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