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It seems to me that if you're somewhat educated, halfway decent looking, and have good manners, that girls don't find that attractive at all... They'd much rather have someone who has swag, lives and dies by yolo, wears snapbacks&tattoos, has horrid taste in music, is uncultured, kant spell fer sh!t lol, and is otherwise completely disrespectful to her.

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  • Excuse me? No. I would never date one of those fucktards. I want a smart, handsome gentleman, thank you very much.

  • As a girl I get really pissed off by this kind of attitude. Stop using 'girls only want douchebags' as an excuse and stop going after the bimbos who only want douchebags. Personally I would never go out with anyone who has 'swag' or says 'yolo'.

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