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My ex-boyfriend stole money from me while we were together, which he refused to pay me back after we broke up. He was a real *ss to me throughout the end of our relationship; he hit me, cheated on me with multiple people, and lied to our friends about me to make me look like the bad one. It's almost two years now, since we broke up. But I still hate him for everything he did. I don't miss him or anything, even though people sometimes think that, because I talk about him a lot and all of the things he did. But I really want something bad to happen to him. Then I will be happy.

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  • got out of a similar situation. Dont let him control your thoughts/mind. it will ruin your life. Think of it as be glad that you're done with him because it was a waste of time/money and love/energy.

  • If there is hell, im sure he'd be in it, Be happy now, alright.

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