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i realized today that i really hate how easy it is to tell if someone's a killer/kidnapper/etc just by learning simple things like their favorite books and such. I just watched a show where the killer is literally the happy guy whos a teacher and who seems the most innocent, and then BAM! he decides to lace a kid's drink and then kidnap a kid whos supposedly an eleven year old detective whos mind is 29. It made me sooo disappointed because i knew from the start that it had to be him like omg i just knew it was the teacher because he literally had access to all of the kids who were killed AND he had like FIFTY lolipops in his car. Like hahah not suspicious at aalll lmaooooo

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  • This is why I watch Sherlock. It's usually a little more complicated.

  • I know! I recently read a 300 page long book where it was blanantly obvious who the killer was from about page 50.

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