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i really hate sounding like an annoying middle class teenager because those are so obnoxious but i understand now that sometimes i just need to let it out. I feel so privileged to have so much land and a cat and a computer and a big room and a piano and enough pocket change to buy a water dragon for my tank.....but i dont think im a good person. i complain sometimes and it just makes me need to check my privileges. I cry sometimes over stuff people would think im spoiled to cry over. I never cry over things like not getti g what i want or anything childish, i like to be a lot more mature than that, but i cry cause i miss my dog and my friend and i think about sad fanfictions and shit and fuck it makes me realize that on the inside i really am just a junkie teenager who doesnt give a fuck about big houses and expenses and being completely rich. I just want a cozy little house or a penthouse/apartment and a laptop and phone and a cat and a nice job i like and some small change so i can pick up some dinner on my way home from work and fuck i dont wanna live big i just wanna be a little small. Thats all i want.

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  • That's a good thing to want. You are allowed to feel bad about your problems, rich or poor. I used to feel that way too. I'm from a wealthy family and I have had depression for years. I still suffered. I hear you.

  • Like the other person said, everyone has their own problems. It doesn't mean anyone's problems are worthless or not worth crying over. You're allowed to have feelings. You're allowed to express emotions. You're human.

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