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Uh My girl tell me that she love me like all the time I told her if we all grind then we all shine But all she ever wanted was some true love I told her if I ever hurt you I apologize My mama said don't say that shit unless you mean that shit Was taught to never tell even if I seen that shit Shout out to jeezy I done seen it all I've seen them Jack boys pad em down and rip them off I've seen em dope boys bag em up and ship them off Meanwhile I'm still praying like I father This shit'll never change I'm feeling like, why bother Living round these crack babies and these live wires With no morals still do whatever for a dollar No days off even though I'm tired My man just got home he done time for a body, He said he tried to find a job but ain't nobody hiring, damn And lately I've been drinking on the regular Uh I'm feeling like fuck America I'm trying to get my family out this hellzone I'm trying to make a 100 grand off a cellphone That hot block sure could turn your heart cold Boy that dirty money sure could come slow I bet they wonder why they callin me the realest Cuz I'm not afraid to tell them how I'm feeling All hail King Route The Ruler I had to take a break from smoking all that Buddha Divorce the block marry the music How you expect to win if you ain't ever lose yet I used to be flat broke that's no rumor I'm at them niggas head like a tumor I'm at them niggas head like a coofy It's grind life until I'm Gucci nigga

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  • I tried to read this but it gave me eye cancer.

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