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I hope someone seriously teach my niece a huge lesson. But that is somehow impossible, because outside she is so nice to people, but in the family, she does not help with chores, always watching music vids, complain most of the times and talks back, also you can't talk to her properly without getting angry, because she answers you with irritated voice and most of the times walks out when you are saying something. She is a fucking 17 year old brat and I Can't stand her. No matter what we give or do to her she does not appreciate any of it. Fuck I really want her to learn a lesson.

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  • I suggest you stop doing things for her, helping her or even paying any attention to her.....after you explain to her that you're doing this not because you hate her but because you love her. Maybe she will figure it out.

  • She is just a teenager. Maybe spoiled, maybe mistreated, maybe has daddy/mommy issues. I don't know because I don't know her but I recommend you take her to the psychologist and your family goes as well. People are not brats just because, take care of it while it is still possible and objectively evaluate your own behavior towards her and others.

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