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I and my BF are now in the long distance relationship for a month. We were having great time together but suddenly one day he wants me to meet his parents through video chat . I thought that is inappropriate and I should be more respectful of the parents since we are Asian family. However, I told him that it's still early to meet his family and I could not answer his call because I was working . I'm in the US and he is now in South Korea. After that, he suddenly stopped responding my messages or calls and it's been a week now that he did not respond but I got to know he saw all my messages everytime I send him. I keep sending him messages everyday and I did it yesterday too saying that I'm sick . He started to respond me to take care of myself and nag me like he used to nag me before all these things happened . So , I asked him to talk to me what happened so that we could solve the problem and make a decision but this he did not say anything . I was really sick and accidentally sent a voice message saying I miss him but I was coughing a lot . And then , I got a reply back to take medicine or see the doctor. Then , I asked him if he changes his mind on our relationship and tell him that I'm so emotionally hurt and tired . He just said STOP IT!!! I don't know what he told me to stop . Is that stop the relationship or stop saying negative things . I'm still waiting for his responds . What should I do? How can a guy change so much in a half day ? How can I do to get him back? Please help me and thanks so much .

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  • He seems like an asshole. If i got it right; You are sick and he does not want to answer you? That is not how a relationship is suppose to be. Beat some sense into him or break up. If he really loves you, he would not be such a dick to you.

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