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I am so frustrated, my hands shakes so much, i learned how to keep them more calm, but I cant do it for too long. and its kind of awful at school or when Im trying to draw (which i love to do when i want to relax and just not think for a while) or take photos and my shaking hands just ruins it and its getting more out of hand. and it gets me kind of sad that whenever i hold hands or touch someone they are going to feel that my hands are shaking... and that always ask and i just has to say that they just are like that, and that i have no idea why, i seeked help and search the internet but nothing

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  • Ask for an MRI of your brain, to rule out something serious. Keep pushing your doctor to do something about this, don't let them dismiss you. I have a nurse friend who's hands shake really badly, and guess what, she is the queen of starting IVs. Don't be discouraged. Positive thoughts to you today

  • I'm a nurse on a neurology floor at a hospital in Missouri. This may be something neurological and could even be fixed. Please get checked out by your doctor

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