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My mom was killed in a head-on vehicular collision. The driver of the van that hit her SUV was driving recklessly and entered her lane. She died at the scene. That was almost 6 months ago but it feels like yesterday. She was my best friend, my closest confidant and I'm so lost without her. I'm going through a divorce. My husband was in a role-over vehicular accident while on TDY(training, Army). Suffered a traumatic brain injury; his personality changed, he no longer loves me, he wants a divorce. Separated 10 months ago, divorce is imminent. I still love him. I'm bi-polar, medicated. All this emotion is so overwhelming. I cry, every single day. Some days I can't get out of bed. I have family and friends, very supportive. But I'm starting to feel like a burden to them. So I try my best to show them a happy front. I'm seeking positive encouragement. I need my spirits lifted. Usually I can get myself out of an emotional funk. But I'm drowning. I tried antidepressants, but it numbed me to the point where I felt Nothing. I didn't like that. Would rather feel the sadness then nothingness. Each moment feels like an eternity and weeks pass me by in what feels like seconds. But wait, there's more. The week before my mom's death, my dear sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. Another of my sisters almost died after giving birth, that was about 3 weeks ago. My dog, whom I've had for over 9 years was attacked by the neighbors dog and almost killed, that was only 12 days ago. Don't know how much more I can handle. I'm at my limit.

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  • When even the small things feel too big, you've got people that love you and want to hear from you and who would never think you are being a burden. Give that dog a hug and call your sister

  • I accidentally flagged my own comment, sorry to whom ever

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