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I have completely fucked up my life. I went from having an amazing boy friend who loved me to nothing. My family is great. I cheated and fucked up my relationship so he left me of course. I started off by just smoking pot and taking triple cs. And now I am a Coke head. I have sold my body once for money to buy Coke. I have spent hundreds of dollars daily for Coke. I can't think. I can't do anything. I am losing my mind. I know I will have negative comments I just wanted to get everything out. I have no idea what to do. My family has no clue. No one knows how fucked up I have become. I don't deserve anything or anyone. I've always been screwed up but this reaches a new level

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  • forget your ex, apologize to ypur family and check in in rehab.. theres nothing else you can do. leave this man alone, he suffered enough. and you need to clear your mind anyway..

  • Start over, apologize to your ex and work on yourself. Get the support of your family and friends because not telling anyone will mess you up even further mentally. Lots of love and luck to you, and remember-there is always a solution! xx

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