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Sooo....how do I start this. But I got bullied a lot, time went on and shit got better.....but now it seems like the same shit starts all over again. That's the thing I fear the most. So now there's a fucker. And he says (and does) really offensive things (against my family)...and I know the only way to do something about it..is..ehhm...beating him up.(I've never done that before, always tried to find better ways...But I know I could easily win, but that's a different story.) I will do it. But I fear I will go in a frenzy (do ya say it like that?) and will hurt him very bad...and actually that's what I want to do.I'd kill him, if that wouldn't end bad for myself. I want people to know, that when they piss me off, I will fuck them up. I never felt better and worse at the same time.

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  • Bring a buddy with you that will pull you off the douchebag before you hurt him too bad. Sounds like the fucker needs to be taught a lesson. Don't let someone victimize your family

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