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I think if you got raped it's really bad, but it's no excuse to live a really fucked up life. (like living in a ghetto, doing nothing but drugs all day)

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  • Sounds like OP's friend needs serious therapy and most likely medication. A lot of rape victims turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with the violation. A lot of them want to deaden themselves or just forget altogether but they can't. If you really want to help then I'd suggest staging an intervention and supportingly encourage them to seek treatment. They shouldn't have to live shitty lives and continue to hurt themselves because some fucking worthless piece of shit decided to violate them. Don't let their attacker take the power away and keep it for the rest of the victim's life.

  • I know but unless you're in that persons situation...you can't say that.drugs are always a no no but then again,maybe they've experienced trauma before snd this added on?

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