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I came into your life as a conserved and careful girl. I tried my best not to fall for you cuz I knew it wouldn't work out but our love was just inevitable. I lost my virginity to you. I became emotionally vulnerable with you. And now you're gone and I feel empty. I know us falling apart was a mistake from both our part but I still can't stop crying and praying for you to come back. I love you and I always will but I cannot stand to see you anymore so this is my goodbye to you. I will no longer be emotionally available for you. Hope you find happiness and success in your ventures. I wish I could send him all this instead of posting it on an app but I know this would make no difference to him or effect him whatsoever so. ...... Goodbye Farewell :)

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  • Apparently he wasn't that great if after all that he's gone.. So f**k'em

  • awee...you broke my heart

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