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I am a lesbian and I wouldn't mine having something with a girl with a penis. It is kind of a turn on that way. It is not the genitalia that I like or dislike about a person. I don't feel attracted by a guy's whole being: the odor, the way of acting, their voice, Adam's apple... The penis is actually what I don't give a fuck about a guy. But I guy digging me or touching me? Hell no.

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  • This kind of like me and my wife. We are both straight. She had a rape attempt and was very uncomfortable with men. She didn't know if she was lesbian or not. Then she met me. I had kinda boy band looks, long blonde hair, and skinny jeans (It was the style back then) Her Grandma even nicknamed me Barbie because I was so tall and pretty. Well she fell in love, got over her issues and married me. Everyone said, "They will have the best looking daughters." Because we are both so feminine looking. You never know how life goes.

  • No penis for me. I also hate being dominated.

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