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oh god it's been a week since him and I left each other we were so happy so happy he told me how much he cared and how happy he felt in 3 weeks of being together. we are crazy but it is true . we made each other happy . but he told me he can't be with me because I have kids. but yet he cries and cries and tells me he can't stop thinking about me. ok but guys the day we broke up . he confessed to me that he was married and had a wife in Mexico but that they weren't together yeah his a liar a big one and than he told me he couldn't imagine him being able to love my kids. but that he loved me. guys we been suffering so much for each other. does he love me ? I don't think he does if he did he wouldn't care about my kids. because he would wanna be with me. he rather to cried alone he says he can't stop looking at my pictures. and that he can't get me off his mind

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  • Your kids are more important than a lying piece like him. He can only love himself. He is trying to keep you holding on when he says things like he loves you and can't stop thinking of you. If that were true he would accept your kids

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