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I used to be the bully.

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  • I was bullied horribly in grade school because I had a vivid wild imagination that I couldn't control so I was just plain weird and I am not the smartest person either. I was tormented from pre school to grade 7 (I took a stand against the group that bullied me that year). That was grade school. I know I am not in the norm here but I am greatful for my torment. Why? I am strong very strong, I am really good a high pressure situations and keeping my cool. Someone trues to call me a name to cut me down it honestly doesn't bother me because I have heard it all before. I don't hold them responsible for what we did as kids. I am sure they feel the same way as you do. But when I hit grade 10 I started not to care about them anymore it is ourselves that are responsible for our actions and how other people's actions affect us. No matter how negative something is we have the power of choice to turn it in to something to make us stronger or we can let it destroy us. It's all up to us. If the person you used to bully (depending on how long ago) is truly grown up they should be ok. Best of luck with your apologies.

  • Key words are 'used to'.

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