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I am a mess. I'm losing all ability to function because of anxiety and depression. I beat myself in the head all the time. I have frequent panic attacks. I hear hostile voices. I need help, but I don't know how to ask for it. I have attempted suicide more than once. I just can't handle this all. All I can do anymore is hide in my room and cry. I can't get my school work done. I am at the mercy of my own inability to focus and see beyond my own emotions.

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  • Please get some help before it's too late start taking omega threes everyday write in a notebook that is not you and you plan on beating all the bad that your going through then write everything that bothers in a piece of paper if you have any intrusive thoughts also write them down then burry them also you need to go to the doctors and get some help they really do help but hurry cause if you wait it will just get worse

  • God bless your soul and please see the doctor maybe even go to a rehab center it really helps I've been to one

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