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because of my boyfriend wanting to stay in Florida after graduation instead of going back home to Costa Rica, his parents have disowned him and stopped supporting him. he's in school fulltime, and only works at least four days a week. without his parents help, he can't afford the apartment he's living in, nor food or car insurance. he was upset about it, but as for me, no. it's time for him to grow up. he doesn't need his parents holding his hand through every little thing. it honestly annoys me how spoiled he is. I mean, yeah it's fucked up his parents are being bitches. but damn, man the fuck up. he doesn't understand that I'm here to love and support him, and it pisses me the fuck off.

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  • or maybe his parents aren't being bitches. maybe they want him to be independent kid so they cut off everything.

  • Well, to be really honest, you don't sound all that supportive to me, too.

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