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Had a mastectomy in November because of DCIS and having the BRCA gene. I'm currently going through reconstruction and get my permanent implants this Friday. Feeling the disturbed body image even though I'm so grateful to have my health and life. I know I'm going to love my new boobs, just feeling weird about no nipples. Any thoughts anyone?

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  • I also got a hysterectomy, don't worry, it was a super easy healing process from that surgery. I'm probably going to get the 3D nipple tats, because there is a tattoo artist here in my city that does them for free for cancer survivors. I wonder if he would do a cool design instead? I would love to see your magnolia tree design, it sounds fantastic

  • You could get a really cool tattoo instead (or get an actual nipple tattoed, but I personally would feel weird with that). Also, three or four months after the reconstruction surgery, you can have nipple reconstruction surgery, which would create a skin coloured nipple that still had to be tattoed to actually look like a natural nipple. The sensitivity would be the same as the rest of the skin on your breasts. But still, I think (if the scars bothered me, at least) I'd get a tattoo, but that may only be because I'd really love to have a tattoo stretching over ribs and chest, that I'm really afraid to get because my nipple would be weirdly in the way. (Also, one of the significant pros of not having nipples: You can wear backless dresses without a bra!)

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