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Thank you to the guy who put fresh, uncooked onions in my meal despite me telling them that I am allergic. I am now purple, with 2 hours to spare untill I have my first date with a guy I really like. Yay for allergies.

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  • It was probably a mistake but in the future you should always check your meal. It's your responsibility so don't blame others unless they do something intentionally to harm you.

  • I hear you there!!!! I am allergic to pork! my issue is people always tell me that they have never heard of that so they don't take proper care because they fail to believe it's a real allergy. I work in the in a restaurant I understand how easy it is to mess up but where I work extra care is given to the food the highest ranking person in the kitchen is the one that deals with the order so as not to make some one sick. I feel your pain dude!

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