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The best way I can explain anal by telling you to imagine trying to take a poop, but the poop won't fall out and just keep slipping back in. It hurts for awhile sometimes but you're always determined to get that sucker out. Before you know it, it's an all out war with this thing. You're doing everything you can think of--shaking your butt, holding your cheeks, even groaning in hopes of at least breaking off a piece. Sometimes it's enough, but usually it's not. Now imagine that happening over and over again, till the poop melts and leaks out of your butt. I think that's why I don't enjoy anal.

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  • Constipation lmfao

  • that's not what anal is like for me. anal is like the best damm massage I've ever gotten for free. sounds like you need more anal foreplay and lube, don't just jamm it up there, foreplay for at least 10-15 minutes

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